Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Making of Morvahna's Base

Entered this piece in the Lone Star Figure Show to receive gold in the Fantasy Open category. Created tree and rock base to bring this vignette together. Morvahna had better be careful of what is lurking in the shadows.

Privateer Press models included in this piece:
2 Trollblood Whelps
Morvahna the Dawnshadow
28 mm, Pewter

Stripped auto battery cable wire to expose tiny copper strands that I twisted to create tree branches.

 I used heavy acrylic medium with a little paint to cover bare wire and fill unwanted gaps. Also, painted the north side to resemble a bit of moss. Now to start adding foliage.

*SHEEW* (wipes forehead) that's a lot of leaves!!! Overall applying the leaves goes pretty quick with the use of some matte medium and a brush. The Secret Weapon Miniatures foliage is amazing and the perfect scale for this tree.

      Shots with added foliage.

    My first attempt at sculpting a rock base from insulation foam. Still need to paint in details and flesh out a bit.

 Final shots complete with Morvahna placed.
Enjoy!  "Morvahna in the Fall"

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  1. Wow! very well done. Hadn't thought of a battery cable for the trees. Good stuff!