Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kirai Ankoku from Malifaux

This piece I named "Vengeance is Served" and received gold in the diorama category at ReaperCon. I did several conversions to this Malifaux mini from Wyrd Games including removing the decapitated head, sculpting her kimono in the front to fix where head was cut away, sculpting a ribbon to the back of her kimono, removing left hand from scissors from original model and sculpted a shred of clothe to be held in her hand, added a samurai (from Bombshell Miniatures) and sculpted a hand to hold it. The base has a couple of added details to tie in the overall theme. A sculpted garden lantern and a cherry blossom tree. 

"Kirai gazed down at the shred of clothe she clutched in her hand with satisfaction knowing she held proof that vengeance had been served."

 Scratch built a tiny garden lantern for her display base :)

 "Vengeance is Served". Here are the final pics complete with sakura tree.  

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