Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rackham Confrontation - Shurat the Warlord

This is a rare Rackham Confrontation Wolfen mini I had the pleasure of painting to high table top standard. It came with some challenges in modeling though. Fitment was not great and required lots of putty to bring things together. Being pewter made the arms very heavy and pining was a must. I used JB Weld in the torso to help secure pins. Can't wait to paint the shelf full in front of me :-D

Space Wolf Rune Priest and Njal Stormcaller

Quick level 3 table top with added snow base and a little freehand Wolf banner. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Female Eldar Farseer Themed Dice Box

I found the artwork on Ricks computer and decided since he adores it that I would attempt to paint it onto a dice box for him. The original artwork was created by is Sokil-Su.


 It was a nice change painting on a two-dimensional surface.

6.5x9 wooden box
She is ~1/10th scale

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bender Makes A Deal

This is a fun one I call "Bender Makes a Deal" The Futurama minis are from Armorcast Battlefield Terrain and the little robot is from Bombshell Miniatures. The phrase written on the wall is inspired from the episode
"A Pharaoh to Remember". 


Lonestar Figure Show 2014

This year at the Lone Star Figure Show I was completely floored. I received:
 Gold in Fantasy Painter for "Crazy Noya" a Warpwolf Pureblood of Circle Oroboros, 
Gold in Fantasy Open for "Morvahna in the Fall", 
Gold in Ordinance for the " V-lari" the Eldar Alaitoc Wraith Knight 
and Best in Fantasy for "Crazy Noya"!!

 Lone Star Figure Show 2014


Here  is "Crazy Noya" who won gold in Lone Star Figure Show Fantasy Painters category and Best in Fantasy awards. 
Fun story connected to this piece. Our Golden Lab took a fancy to some wild mushrooms growing in our back yard and after eating them would howl and bark at imaginary intruders. She would carry on something fierce. This served as inspiration for this Pureblood Warpwolf who is holding some tasty mushrooms and howling wildly. 

The Making of Morvahna's Base

Entered this piece in the Lone Star Figure Show to receive gold in the Fantasy Open category. Created tree and rock base to bring this vignette together. Morvahna had better be careful of what is lurking in the shadows.

Privateer Press models included in this piece:
2 Trollblood Whelps
Morvahna the Dawnshadow
28 mm, Pewter

Stripped auto battery cable wire to expose tiny copper strands that I twisted to create tree branches.

 I used heavy acrylic medium with a little paint to cover bare wire and fill unwanted gaps. Also, painted the north side to resemble a bit of moss. Now to start adding foliage.

*SHEEW* (wipes forehead) that's a lot of leaves!!! Overall applying the leaves goes pretty quick with the use of some matte medium and a brush. The Secret Weapon Miniatures foliage is amazing and the perfect scale for this tree.

      Shots with added foliage.

    My first attempt at sculpting a rock base from insulation foam. Still need to paint in details and flesh out a bit.

 Final shots complete with Morvahna placed.
Enjoy!  "Morvahna in the Fall"