Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shouts From Mount Mini

        Ever wonder if you ramble on your blog if anyone reads it...hmmm? Ever been compelled to yell on a mountain top just to see if anyone answers? As I ponder these questions and stare at this computer screen I find it all a bit overwhelming but here goes.....
        We all have a story and this begins mine of how these alluring miniature treasures have consumed my life! First I want to clear the air in saying that all of this is my loving husbands fault for allowing the hobby bug to bite me. I've struggled most of my life dabbling as an artist with no direction until his passion for war gaming overflowed into my life. I'll be honest in saying I knew nothing about the hobby other than I loved the models and was inspired to try my hand at painting them. Jumping feet first I began painting without so much as a clue of how. I simply stared in complete awe at award winning minis and decided to challenge myself to paint without watching tutorials or reading any how to's. Thought  to myself, hmmm let's play with paint. I felt like a child again.
       With each mini I find myself changing techniques and discovering a better way to achieve results. I suppose seeking advice would make thing go faster for me but I'm very stubborn that way...too independent for my own good. :-)   Unraveling a beautifully painted mini is so exciting for me that I find myself painting in my sleep and wake with aah-ha moments. I hope to share some insight to my love affair to painting minis in future posts by way of tutorials and WIPS. We'll see if anyone answers my rambles from the mountain top.   :)