Sunday, November 23, 2014

Clash for a Cure Winning Entries

Back in September I attended Clash for a Cure and entered the COG painting competition and to my surprise received Gold in Open, Gold in Small Figure and Best in Show which also made me the winner of the Road to Crystal Brush 2015 for this event. I'm totally mind blown by this and excited to paint more minis! Here are a few pics of my entries. ...Oh, and I almost forgot. The diorama is titled "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things"

Cryx Warcaster and Character Solo Convention Exclusive
Pewter, 40 and 30mm base

LED lit Necron Night Shroud Bomber

Finished this up for client who requested a lit Pylon emerging from the ground. The Pylon has an oscillating light with slow strobe effect inside and glowing lit crystals. The Bomber exhaust is lit separately. Hope you all enjoy this custom piece.

Modeling by Rickey James Morang
Paint by Mary Profitt

Slice and Dice--Jumping Swarm Lord

Finally finished this jumping Swarm Lord about to make a tasty meal of Black Templars. The cinematic effects for the weapons are made by Armorcast and GW's space marine casualties.

Krom Dragongaze of Space Wolves

Very Quick paint of Krom Dragongaze by Rick. I (Mary) painted highlights and the face :)

28mm heroic
plasitic Warhammer 40k game piece produced by Games Workshop

Crazy Bunny: "I'm NOT A CHICKEN!!"

 I named this piece "I'm not a chicken. I'm NOT A CHICKEN!!"
This Easter bunny has laid his last egg. LOL This clever sculpt by SavageForged Minis was a quick fun piece that was a pleasure to paint.


Predastore Mermaid-Predette "Finding Nemo"

Finished this one back in June 2014. This project opened up so many ideas for me and I enjoyed it immensely. So many firsts wrapped up in pulling it all together from the sculpting of the coral reef base, the tiny fish and making the plinth.