Tau Manta Project

the finished product, ready for delivery.  I had to take it outside because it wouldn't fit in my  photo booth

Tailgate weathering
Upper bay ramp extended
I killed it, it's mine!!!!

Running lights, upper bay, and lower bay showing the lights on
close up of the lights on, these were taken in near total darkness

coverd for protection

sitting on my paint table for final details before weathering

base color of Reapers Muddy Brown

taping the bottom for the white accent lighting

adding the pre highlights

adding the gray highlights

the bottom, taped, and streaked

getting the greenstuff on

rear shot of troop bay weapons bay and cockpit

cockpit, weapons bay, troop bay and running lights all on.

lights on in the dark

holes for the pins for the wings

switches for the lights

battery storage in the lower bay

lights for the tail, ceiling of the tank bay, and the weapons bay

a serious gap I have to fill due to warpage of the fuselage.

this gap is 1/16" that I'm gonna fill with plasticard and JB Weld. more warpage due to  the fuselage being pulled from the mold too soon

and the gap that was between the fuselage and the cockpit, I foresee a lot of hand sanding on this...

before adding the consoles

Pilots out on the beach

check out the cans on that one!

pilots visible through the hatches

Each console was painted differently to show different graphics

Lan Party!  Let's play Fire Warrior!

DUDE! quite screen hacking!

inside the cockpit canopy, can you translate what it says?

Ethereal and his chair

lighting the sides of the upper bay

the Blacksun Filter fo the upper bay

the other side being lit of the upper bay

running wires so that they can make contact with the switches and batteries

the ceiling of the lower bay, serves two purposes, First: to provide strength and structure to  the upper bay.    Second:  to provide a platform for hiding the wires.

running the wire for the troop bay lights, and plasticard to strengthen the fuselage as well as providing a ceiling to the lower bay 

troop bay light

here are the rear facing running lights for the upper bay.  I wish I coud do all six, but the model just won't allow that....
here I added a plate to the ceiling of the main bay so that the ramp for the upper bay will completely be enclosed, making it more stable.

 and they hold pretty good

 holes for the running lights

 more magnets, these should keep the hatches in place, that is until the Aircaste pilots need to eject....

My Devilfish fits nicely int the tank bay, fully loaded with every option, including two underslung Seeker missiles.

it fits in any of the four slots nicely....

very serious mold line removal
sanders are a modelers best friend

serious mold lines
sanding to make it fit

bent like crazy

all better now

fresh from the bath, showing the "gorilla glue" trails

showing the gaps and poor fitting of the cockpit to the secondary fuselage

big chunk of resin

filling the gap

starting the removal process

removing the windscreen to be replaced with clear plastic

I don't know about this, this was my spot

all parts in the bath.  this thing was still dripping with mold release

getting their first bath
empty tubby

fire warriors everywhere
Okay I am calling this the "Tau Manta Project"  Or "Building Number 50".  I don't normally post WIP pics,but was asked by the customer to post as I did.  Unfortunately,  this beauty is number 8 in my customer queue.  That being said it will get love and attention at least one hour per day until my other projects are finished and delivered. 

on the floor, accounting for the pieces

clamping it all together

filling the gaps in the wings.  and then wetsanded to blend.  I also used greenstuff and liquid greenstuff to make it all smooth

get your engines on

Dry fitting the pieces

scary gap

just an example of the work needed

bad fitting

inside the wepons housings, were very large gaps

and this one

fixed the gap

it barely fits in the spray booth, there was much puckering at this point

underside of the fuselage 

Wing drones awaiting their barrel refit.  The ones that came with the model were either broken, or so bent that when I boiled water to bend them back  place they snapped

Ceiling of the lower bay, showing the bare metal because Farsights people don't have time to paint

the lower tank bay, mask removed, and ready for the metal!