Saturday, January 12, 2013

Skadi, Goddess of the Dwarves from Reaper Miniatures

Some source lighting to aid in her night time quest.

 The lantern is from a Warhammer 40k scenery piece plus wire and plastic rod to create the handle.

  She is walking down a moonlit mountain path confronting her foe.

Infinity Ariadna 45th Highlanders--Clan Buchanan

Here is a shot of the under painting of the tartans. Highlights applied to base color yellow to define the shadows and accentuate the flow of the fabric.

Here the vertical pattern on the tartan was applied....Blue, red, space. Blue, red space.......wait or was that red, space, blue.  Red, space, blue?      I think this cheer-leading troop may need to shave their legs...GO TEAM GO  :-D


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Special thanks to all our clients for making our 2012 very special. We are excited for 2013 because according to the Ork calender it will be the year of the Waaagh, as it is every year ;-D