Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kallan the Minotaur for Parallax

Have been given the great privilege of painting this beautiful model sculpted by SavageForged Minis for the new game Parallax. Follows is a collection of wips and final pics of the Minotaur named Kallan. He is available for sale at

Here is a quote from Parallax page describing the story connected to Kallan:

"The Minotaurs have seen everything that has happened on Tir Cayad since before the rift and have become the librarians of time in both realms. When the rejoining happens, the Minotaurs go into a council meeting to discuss what has happened on each of the realms and how to proceed. This meeting and the outcome is a secret even from the Hadjen, who still think the Minotaurs are subservient to them.
Where the Hadjen are the magical protectors of the Founts, the Minotaurs are the physical protectors. The Minotaurs have duel purposes, to protect the Founts, and help the Hadjen find out if the elder races are still alive. The Minotaurs had a blood oath with the Hadjen, but that ended with the rejoining – a fact that the Hadjen aren’t aware of.
With their new hidden freedom, the Minotaurs are making peace with Damar and the Felids as they know that it will take a combined effort to keep the founts safe from both the Canids and Marax.
Minotaurs are not the mindless beasts that most of the other races see them as."

  "I wanna look just like you when I grow up"

 Basic under shadow and highlights established.

Here shows more progress made to Kallan the Minotaur -- Metallics in place with patina wash added, freehand on belt, cape, tabard and book as well as touching up and other details refined. I have photographed him laying down to illustrate the depth of the shadows and highlight.

 The Minotaur has glyph tattoos as part of their culture so we decided to create a special glyph alphabet just for their race.

Progress making a display base from insulation foam covered in joint compound. Here's a shot showing the beginnings of the joint compound application.

Decided to make some cattails for display base since I had trouble finding pre-made ones. Also experimenting with making tall wetland grass from aluminized plastic. I cut grass shapes into tufts and will paint.

Here are a few shots of the rock base painted.

Here Minotaur stands on 50mm base that Dennis of SavageForged Minis sculpted.

"Kallan of Parallax" won gold in painters category at ReaperCon 2014. Here are a few shot of him stylin' his new custom display base.

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