Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Las Vegas Open and the Draconic Awards

Back in February I attended a great gaming convention and participated in the first year to offer support for the hobby side of wargaming. The WGC organized hobby classes and a painting contest as part of the Draconic Awards where I was awarded Best in Catagory for Diorama. This is a great convention that is growing leaps and bounds. Well worth attending if you are into wargaming or just want to take some great hobby classes. Plus, its Vegas baby!
Heres a link to the Draconic Awards Facebook:

Here are a few minis I took along for LVO in my new Tablewar case . Several were just for show since they had been previously entered into other contest.

Here is my winning entry "Slice and Dice" along side the gorgeous resin trophies from the Draconic Awards. :-D

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