Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Warhound Titan, the repair of Ajax

Here I had a repair project from a customer.  My customer had taken his painted Warhound Titan to one of our local GW shops, and through some negligence, the model was left in the sun by the staff.  Unfortunately,  it warped, and some of the seams popped, making it frustrating for my client.  When I received the model it was in pieces,   and the legs look liked like it was tap dancing.  I wasn't smart enough to take pics of the legs before repair.   My client painted this model and assembled it originally, and he was/is quite proud of it.

First I took the side torsos and cleaned off the old glue, drilled holes and added pins.

repaired legs, reglued upper thigh armor, and test fitting the head

the left torso being fitted in place

another shot of the left torso

left and right torso being fitted

everything fits, so far......and added windows to the canopy

here the weapons are reversed, I magnetized the guns so that others could be added later.

here it is next to my Manufactorum

and behind it....(peekaboo)

adding Tau to the base

Run!!! Run!!!! it stepped on the flowers!!!

more flowers being killed

Fritz!  Fritz!! They shot Fritz!!

and a bit of fun while some glue was drying.  Ghazkhull is thinking, I trained 'dat boy well,  maybe too well,....
the whole shebang

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