Friday, December 9, 2011

Ork Trukks, and Battlewagons

 Here we have some of the magnetized options for Battlewagons
 Magnetized Deff Rollas and Reinforced rams
 The turrets and Lobbas
 The Ork Crew with the Gretchin riggers
 and a close up, I love these guys...
 Da' front end
 Baby Got Back!!!
 Nitrox anyone?
 the scary thing is, that I saw one of these on the road the other day, but it was painted Highway Department....
 somehow I don't think it will pass emissions....
 wheres da seatbelts?

 yes doze are da rokkit launchas
 oh I so want a real one to put on my truck for rush hour....

 the next two click back and forth on and see if you notice the differance

 I wonder if they have their Green Cards???
 and some group shots

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